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  • Clean the film

  • Edit blank footage out

  • Lighten darker footage

  • Process the color

  • Repair as needed

All converting is done quickly, expertly, and efficiently. You will get the original footage back on the original reels. We can often provide same day service, depending on the project. Contact us today!


If you have old video and audio tapes, slides or film that you need to transfer or duplicate to DVD, CD or file format, bring them to On-Site Video. We can repair, transfer, and duplicate most old film and video formats so that they are not lost forever.

Don't let your old memories fade away

Quick, Professional Service So You Don't Lose Another Day

We have a passion for film and video preservation.


During a film transfer, we:

  • VHS and VHS-C,

  • 8mm video and film

  • 16mm film

  • Betamax and Beta SP

  • Beta SP

  • Mini DV

  • Audio cassettes

All formats are welcome!

"Your staff always made me feel that my needs were paramount...and all at a reasonable fee."

- June Beck, satisfied customer

  • Audio reel to reel

  • DAT tape

  • 3/4 inch video

  • SD Cards, Flash Drives, Hard Drives and Mobile Phones

  • And many more!

  • Set audio levels

  • Monitor the entire project

  • Edit out blank footage

  • Repair tape shells if required

  • Splice tape as necessary

During an audio transfer, we:

Films and Tapes

"Our old pictures and movies were just sitting in boxes, but on DVD, we enjoy them and gave duplicates as gifts."

- Phyllis Prater, Owner of Parkway Gem Lab